Hosted ERP Business Solutions for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Companies

Solutions built to meet the needs of apparel companies

LogOn Business Systems - Solutions built specifically for apparel companies

A company that integrates and simplifies its business systems spends less time and money on running those systems and more time and resources on running their business.


By assisting our clients to concentrate on managing customer expectations, remote vendor performance, product development, internal production, fulfillment deadlines and measuring day to day performance we enable our customers to be successful by doing what they do best, leaving the IT work to us.


When business systems are integrated and share information, all departments work from a single source. Your business will have the accurate, real-time information it needs to make better business decisions, react to current market trends and provide higher levels of service to their customers.

Key benefits of LogOn's approach to business integration in the apparel sector include:

• Real-time availability including immediate available to sell calculation and reporting

• Style, Color, Size, Width/length dimension Matrix

• Multiple size assortment preset

• UPC numbering for sku and size assortment

• Credit factoring with electronic hookup with most major factor bureau

• Multi store, distro center

• Multi store order worksheet for fast data entry of multi store orders

• COD freight precalculation with integration to shipping system

• Multi quality codes for inventory

• NRF (National Retail Federation) color, size

Meet all major and specialty retailer's mandates with:

• Online catalogs


• Labeling and shipping requirements

• Flexible tops and bottoms coordinated allocation system

• Credit factoring
• Charge back processing

• PO creation based on demand with size curve calculation

• Actual landed cost calculation

• Size wise bill of material handling

• Import and manufacturing production

Logon News: Logon Hosted ERP systems help small to mid sized fashion companies grow.

Cut costs and start running your business more effectively today...

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Logonís rapid deployment services enable clients to get their system set up and their staff trained in just a few short weeks.

No extended consulting engagements and no hidden implementation fees.

Just solid ERP functionality with predicable costs.

  • Industry Correct
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure
  • Scalable

To make better decisions you need better information.
Find out how the right reporting can make the difference...

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Logonís technology is built around a powerful color, size, dimension product matrix. This key functionality is the backbone for every transaction and the built-in reporting systems. It is an essential component for every successful fashion based business.
Leverage direct drill-down access to critical real-time data and enable your company to make fast, accurate assesments on-demand for every part of your operation.

  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Real-time
  • Built-in reporting for every area of your business

To prosper in todayís economy, it is essential to reduce operating costs and streamline operations...

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Logonís systems are designed to help companies do more with less.

By eliminating repetitive data entry tasks, automating key labor intensive functions and integrating your entire operation it is possible to realize a more efficient and profitable way to do business.

  • Eliminate IT costs
  • Streamline operations
  • Automate key functions
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Do more with less

Enable your company to operate proactively avoiding costly downstream time delays...

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Logon delivers critical information enabling your sales and production teams to head off issues before they become issues.

Total integration and accessibility to real-time data shared between all your operating areas can mean the difference between capturing lost sales and simply loosing profit from inefficiency and missed communication.

  • Collaborate effecively
  • Share critical data
  • Eliminate time delays
  • Capture lost sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction ratings

By inreasing productivity and efficiency your company can begin maximizing profits today...

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Logonís mission is to improve the operating environments for our apparel, footwear and accessories clients by focusing 100% of our development and service offerings around the specific needs of these vertical industries.

We donít just deliver ERP- we deliver better solutions built exclusively to manage the complex business of todayís multi-channel fashion companies.

  • Industry-specific
  • Efficient
  • End-to-End Complete
  • Multi-channel focus
  • 100% dedication to the needs of fashion companies